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Alif Tech. Co. Ltd

ALIF, a well-known brand across the globe, stands for high quality standard and Taiwanese culture.

Alif Tech. Co., Ltd. designs and manufactures Alif-branded magnetic sensors and inductive proximity sensors. Alif considers R&D its core advantage, hasconstantly developed sensors for new applications for its customers around the world. Among other certifications, we are proud to have enjoyed ISO9001:2015, CCC, CNEx, RoHS, and CE, etc.

Alif offers a line-up of over 500 types of magnetic sensors and 200 more types of inductive proximity sensors. Newly completed from development, our DFS electronic magnetic sensors offer excellent enclosure from harsh environment of water and dust. Besides, the DFS sensors are made with high flex cables which ensure the reliability where continuous bending of the cable takes place. Regardless of the excellent features, the DFS sensors are only priced at the level of average reed type of sensors, offering premium specifications as a best alternative to reed type of magnetic sensors. Alif boasts her wide range of magnetic sensors covering features such as anti-explosion, magneto resistive, highly sensitive, highly flexible, water-proof, oil-proof, acid-resistive, etc.

To make the Alif sensors handy and easily mounted on various cylinders, we in particular design associated adaptors, clamps, and brackets. Such universal application allows the users to keep only minimum types of stock, reducing inventory costs effectively. Also available is M8, M12, and EZ quick connectors if the user wants the Alif magnetic sensors to terminate other than fly leads.

Alif magnetic sensors outperform other brands out in the field in terms of performance over price. The Alif magnetic sensors, with their extensive variations, are interchangeable with products of SMC, Festo, CKD, Norgren, Airtac, Sick, and Chelic. Just to name a few. We have seen our customer base growing up rapidly to cover America, Latin America, Europe, India, and Middle East.

Alif inductive proximity sensors, which has a vast line-up of over 200 models. The Alif inductive proximity sensors proudly take the first place against the rest of the market with their S type of proximity sensor, 3 wire, automatically signal detection. Users of the Alif S type of proximity sensors can ever since eliminate the use of NPN and PNP proximity sensors, enjoying the benefit of trimming down the types of sensors used from 2 to only one. The Alif inductive proximity sensors are available with surge suppression protection, plurality reverse protection, short protection, and overload protection, preventing users from suffering losses from incorrect wiring.

Over the years, Alif has been proficient in serving various needs of her Asian, American and European customers. Quality and timely delivery builds up her reputation confirmed by global customers. Alif will continue to dedicate herself to total customer satisfaction.will continue to dedicate herself to total customer satisfaction.

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